About Nicole Elysian

I have lived in Duluth all my life, and I love it! I am an active person who loves hiking, bicycling, and swimming in the big lake. I am active with the local theater scene, performing, as well as teaching dance and choreography. I believe my interest in many things athletic allows me to relate that much more with my clientele, experiencing firsthand what gets sore in certain activities. I will say, this is not limited to active activities! I worked a desk job for many years, and definitely experienced many of the sore spots that comes along with that. I think that my variety of job titles has all been leading me up to now, where I am at a place to be able to relate to many people's aches and pains (and how to break free of them) from a personal level. :)

I received my training at Lake Superior College here in Duluth, and graduated with honors with 625+ hours of training in 2013. Bodywork certifications include Sports, Pregnancy, Lymphatic, Geriatric, Rotator Cuff Protocol, Craniosacral Levels 1-3, as well as being a MELT Method instructor. I have trained extensively in human anatomy, working alongside Gil Hedley and Sue Hitzmann, learning how deeply connected we all are through our fascia. Gil Hedley's Integral Anatomy training was a profound education on the human form, how we are deeply connected, which has affected my approach to how I treat each client's individual needs. There are a lot of things that can result in physical pain, and I have helped many people find hope and healing through my specialized techniques.

It is a privilege to provide a relaxing, safe, therapeutic space that is free of judgement.
All are welcome.