Vivere has moved!!
114 W. Superior St, Upper Floor

Now located just a couple blocks down from my previous location on Superior Street, across from Dubh Linn's pub, and directly above Stewart-Taylor Printing.

Parking:  Please go to Michigan Street, and park in the U.S. Bank parking ramp. You may also park on the street, but it is all metered parking with a 80 minute max, so the ramp is your best bet.

Directions: From the U.S. Bank ramp, you will take the stairs that bring you to the skywalk, then go through the U.S. Bank building, and leave out the Superior Street exit. From there, turn right and you will see Stewart-Taylor Printing/Duluth Sign on your right. The main doors are locked at 5pm, so if our appointment is past that, I will do my best to be waiting for you at the door! Feel free to shoot a text to me when you're getting close, especially in inclement weather.